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Create Alchemy
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Hey there! My name is Holly, founder of Create Alchemy. 

I made Create Alchemy to be a place for women, struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, to discover the Inner Alchemy they need to be the productive, happy, and above all, soulful, entrepreneurs they dream of being. Inner Alchemy is the process we go through when we change our lives from a chaotic hot mess to a brilliant, peaceful perfection.

Create Alchemy exists to teach you how to find that Inner Alchemy. 

Together, we'll destroy the bullshit that's been holding you back, leaving you fresh and motivated for the amazing legacies you're going to create. Join me in becoming an Alchemist!

Which path will you take?

If you've got Passion + Procrastination, you're ready for some Inner Alchemy. Start here to learn why I decided to use Alchemy to fix my life, passions, & biz, and how it can fix yours, too.

Where I’ll share with you the experiments and case studies I’ve conducted, and advice I’ve found over the years to create a magical life full of great changes, and the building of legacies.

If you’re ready to reach the next level, join the FREE Alchemists Guild, where I share exclusive content for creative, entrepreneurial babes who are ready to create their legacy.